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Zibo Mod B737-800X Updated to v3.37

Filtered by:. Previous template Next. The Zibo mod is amazing to fly - and it's free but It's been a bit of a learning curve to get to the point where I could get airborne and switch on the autopilot for our mid range tubeliner group flights.

It's taken me far too long to find digestible resources that aren't million page manuals of gobleygook. I don't know if this will help anyone out there - but here's the resources and concepts I learned about to get to where I'm at so far and some useful summaries.

If you can sit still for 35 minutes - watch this. It's a real instructor using Zibo and demonstrating a cold and dark start.

First step was learning how to start the engines from a cold and dark state. In general the order of switch and button pressing called the "panel flow" in a Boeing is such that you start at the top and work your way down. Tags: None. August 15th,PM. Especially is there is a decent crosswind or limited visibility. Quote 1 like. Comment Post Cancel. Last edited by Bluejay ; August 16th,AM.

Event Module That Rocks! Add-on by vBMods. Some features by delicjous. All rights reserved. Yes No. OK Cancel.The new update features a range of new functionality and improvements to enhance the freeware add-on for the simulator. The first on the list is an improvement to the flight modelling.

The flight model is already regarded as highly realistic, but improvements continue to be made. Another big change with the full version of 3. Along with that, users can adjust weights as well as cabin layouts varying from seats up to which is saved per livery.

Along with those additions, bugs have been fixed for turn radius and also various warnings such as overspeeding. You can download the full new update from the Google Drive account. Remember to add it to your own account to prevent issues with downloading from the original hosted area.

The Zibo mod is so loved, it topped out Top 10 jetliner aircraft for X-Plane You can remind yourself of that in the video below. The full list of changes is rather extensive and can be found down below. Thanks to Midds in our Discord for the heads up. Release Notes v3. The author Calum Martin. I have the knowledge and experience to really deliver an excellent aviation community.

Although no real life flying experience, I have a good understanding and always learning more and more. Products or services you may be interested in. Skyline Simulations Long Beach Airport.

FSElite uses cookies to enhance and personalise the user's experience. Do you give consent to use cookies?On the google drive link says quote exceeded Any other way to get the most up to date Zibo mod? Reason I ask is because I'm having issues with the AP disconnecting all the time and pressurization doesn't seem to work at all.

So hoping for the most recent version before I go ask for real help LOL. Ryan Butterworth i7 K 4. Try right clicking on the latest full version and select ' make a copy.

Go there and download it in the normal way. It will be called 'Copy of B X So tell me - what's the trick to download from Google Drive if you have 'Internet Download Manager' installed? I didn't have enough free space in my drive so that didn't work for me. I just grabbed the Ultimate that was recently released per Arthur's link.

Zibo Updater in public beta

In that forum post there is an alternate link that just worked for me. Been going back and forth with IDM about how their software doesn't play with Google Drive 'til they just quit talking. They claim they've solved the problem just not MY problem. I cannot found any comparaison video on youtube, maybe you can drop a link? You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community.

It's easy! Already have an account? Sign in here. Donate to our annual general fundraising goal. This donation keeps our doors open and providing you service 24 x 7 x Your donation here helps to pay our bandwidth costs, emergency funding, and other general costs that crop up from time to time.I am trying to set up the Zibo in X-plane Also no additional stability input to the right slider. My question is in moving the control response from 0 tois the control feel of the going to be realistic or just heavy and easy?

It did not truly fly as well as the Real Jet. I personally got to fly the real jet for 1. So if there are any real world drivers out there flying the Zibo mod in X-plane From the lack of comments, it must be that the Zibo mod does not effect your normal X-Plane 11 settings. I guess since that vast numbers of us will never get to the flight deck of theknowing how the jet is suppose to feel is not as important as to flying to different airports around the world or what ever the reason we are sitting behind the computer screen.

Simulators can be great training tools if used correctly, and can also be great entertainment.

zibo mod

How and why we use them is up to us to decide. Control response is primarily controlled by the flight model and not by some stick setting. Unless you're using stability assist to dampen out some input spikes. A properly set up flight model will respond plusibly to control inputs. To everyone that took the time to read this post, thanks. Sorry to have posted this problem in the X-Plane section of this forum.

I did not know there was a dedicated Zibo forum over at X-plane. Thanks for the link. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. It's easy! Already have an account? Sign in here.

Donate to our annual general fundraising goal. This donation keeps our doors open and providing you service 24 x 7 x Your donation here helps to pay our bandwidth costs, emergency funding, and other general costs that crop up from time to time.

We reset this goal every new year for the following year's goal. Recommended Posts. Posted November 17, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Posted November 18, Posted November 19, Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.

zibo mod

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Read the forum info page on how to upgrade. By Slashsloth. Submitted Tuesday at AM.

✈️ X-Plane 11 Туториал. Часть 6. Установка ZIBO 737 + RG mod + Дополнения.

By Fscabral. Submitted March By StandSevenServices. By Mikailkasikcioglu.

zibo mod

Updated March By kaczka By xp Updated February By Mooze. By Krijag. Submitted February By CalTaylor Submitted January 3. Submitted December 26, Updated December 8, By Shenherm.

Updated December 3, Submitted November 17, By Shiway. Updated October 29, Submitted August 19, By Georgianpilot Submitted July 12, By KJO. Submitted May 27, By Jviation. Updated April 29, Updated April 9, Arkefly BER Ultimate. Boeing House Colours B Ultimate. This is the Air Canada fictional livery for the B Ultimate project.

Has MAX Style engines for more realism. Air Transat x Turkmenistan Airlines x Canadian North x Fictional. Skyteam Liveries Pack x Star Alliance Liveries Pack x Kelowna Flightcraft B KF Cargo Fictional B FedEx Modern B Delta Air Lines x Air Cnina x China Southern x China Eastern Yunnan Airlines x Hainan Airlines B Boliviana de Aviacion x Westjet B EasySky Airlines B Ruili Airlines x Lucky Air x Grand China Air x Donghai Airlines x Dalian Airlines x China Xinhua Airlines x China United Airlines xHome Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts.

Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. X-Plane 11 Store Page. Global Achievements. This guy has done some great stuff to the defualt I've been using it in the beta since he started making it. If your interested go check it out.


It's almost as good as the PMDG and he updates it almost every day. Showing 1 - 9 of 9 comments. Sounds interesting, I'll definitely give it a shot in a bit. I know you compared it to PMDG, but people have some different standards. Just for curiosity's sake is it better or worse than EADT's ?

If it is better than that would be pretty sweet. Edit: Or on par. Last edited by LCDR. Holmes Daz ; 31 Mar, am. Originally posted by Sunset Shimmer Daz :. Also, thanks for posting this here. I may have missed this if I didn't see your post.

Edit: Ahh it is a modded default aircraft, that be why. Could someone please help me download the plane? I have Xplane on steam and cannot figure out how to download the zibo mod. Originally posted by jtf :. Last edited by BigKangaroo3 ; 27 Jun, am. Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 31 Mar, am. Posts: 9. Discussions Rules and Guidelines. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic harassment, fighting, or rude posts.

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